5 Tips for Avoiding Illnesses & Injuries When Staying at Hotels

If you're worried about illnesses or injuries, you may want to be especially vigilant when you travel and you're away from your regular doctor. Luckily, it's possible to travel, have fun, and safeguard your health at the same time. In particular, you may want to consider these tips when staying in hotels.

1. Pack Some Sanitizing Wipes

Hotel rooms are always cleaned between each guest, and that works perfectly for most guest. However, if you have a compromised immune system, you may want to bring your own sanitizing wipes as an extra precaution. Simply use your wipes to remove germs or potential bacteria from items that are commonly touched by other guests in the hotel room such as TV remotes, alarm clocks, and light switches. Then, you can lean back and relax without worrying about germs.

2. Request an Allergy-Friendly Room

Some luxury hotels offer allergy-friendly rooms. If you tend to have a lot of allergies, you may want to inquire about this option. The rooms can vary depending on the facility, but in most cases, these rooms don't allow pets, and they are sometimes cleaned with special cleaners or the bedding is washed in gentle soaps. If you have skin allergies and you can't find an allergy-free hotel room, you may want to bring your own bedding. That allows you to enjoy your vacation without the threat of a detergent-induced skin rash, making your itch and ruining your favorite outfit.

3. Bring Water Shoes and Request a Disabled Room If Necessary to Avoid Falls

Slips and falls can also be a risk for some travelers, and if you're unsteady on your feet, you may want to bring water shoes. These are especially helpful if you want to hang out near the pool. Most hotel pools have slightly abrasive pool decking to prevent falls, but if you want extra protection, swim shoes allow you to swim while having grip on your feet. They can also be useful to give yourself a bit of extra grip in a new shower.

Keep in mind that in many hotels, you have to step into a tub for showering. If you are used to showering in a stall shower or a walk-in tub and you don't want to slip, ask the hotel staff if they have a room with a stall shower. Alternatively, almost all hotels have disabled rooms with showers that you can roll a wheelchair into. These showers, obviously, don't have any ledges you need to step over, and if the room isn't already booked, the hotel may let you make a reservation even if you are not disabled.

4. Get an Oceanfront Room

If you like to have lots of fresh air and don't like to be cooped up with just indoor air, you may want to request an oceanfront room. Then, you can throw the windows open, and bask in the fresh salty air coming from the sea. Sea air was long considered a remedy for all kinds of ailments, and people still talk about the health benefits of sea air for issues as diverse as lung disease and cystic fibrosis.

5. Request Non-Smoking Rooms

If you have asthma, you may want to request a non-smoking room. Some luxury hotels even ban smoking through the entire facility, and this can be a great option to explore if you want to ensure that you avoid stale smoke. You can find out if the hotel you are considered is smoke free on its website or by calling its reservations desk.

With a tiny bit of preparation, you can ensure that your next hotel stay is as safe as possible. Talk with the hotel directly about any other accommodations you may need.