Best Beach Destinations For Families With Young Kids

If you're looking to head off on a beach vacation this summer with your family, then you should pick a locale that is going to be appropriate and enjoyable for everyone. So, to make sure you don't end up in a party beach that is more geared towards adults looking for clubs and bars, such as South Beach or Seaside Heights, you should pick a location that has amusement park rides, restaurants, a fun boardwalk and other things that are great for kids and adults.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach has an abundance of fun stuff for your family to do on vacation. There is a huge water park called Myrtle Waves and a regular amusement park called Family Kingdom right on the waterfront that has classic rides such as roller coasters and bumper cars.

There is also a gigantic boardwalk that stretches for over a mile. There are lots of fun games, arcades, and rides such as the slingshot and an enormous Ferris wheel that lets you look over the ocean.

In addition to kid friendly spots, there are also attractions for the adults, such as golf courses, over 100 to be precise. Finally, there are many art shows and concerts during the summer season.

Wildwood, New Jersey

Wildwood is one of the best places on The Jersey Shore for families. It's home to several different amusement parks with over 100 different rides, as well as a spectacular waterpark. There are lots of little restaurants and fast food shops where you will find everything from classic New Jersey style pizza and Italian ices to saltwater taffy and zeppolis.

You can also go surfing, rent speedboats, parasail, swim or lay out and tan on the beach.

Old Orchard Beach, Maine

When most people hear Maine, they don't immediately think of awesome beaches, but they would be pleasantly surprised if they visited Old Orchard Beach. It's a seven-mile stretch of beautiful beach that has tons of stuff for the whole family. There are amusement parks, surfing, mini-golf, waterparks, boat rentals, and lots of family friendly restaurants. There's also a really beautiful pier that extends out into the Atlantic Ocean for 500 feet. The pier has food, carnival booths, and a nightclub.

You should also make a point to stop by the Palace Playland. This beach front amusement park has rides for both little kids, and teens, including some thrilling coasters. There is also a carnival style midway with fun games and snack shops. 

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