New Ways To Relax - Vacation Rental Trends

When a prospective employee is negotiating with an employer, "How much vacation do I get?" is a really common question.  In today's world filled with deadlines, stress, and long hours, vacation remains a critical time to recharge and keep a person going.

In order to keep millions of people happily vacationing, players within the hospitality and lodging industry have to continually evolve to succeed within this highly competitive market. Trends within the industry will continue to shape how vacationers travel and how property owners compete for their

  • Beach Vacations - Spending a vacation at the beach continues to be the number one choice for travelers, primarily because beach vacations involve a lot of doing nothing. Whether sitting on the actual beach or on a porch swing, this opportunity to not worry about the next activity, attraction, or tour is often exactly what a fast-paced lifestyle needs. While ocean destinations continue to lead the way, many vacationers are looking to lakefront resorts and rental properties as well. 
  • Direct Booking - Rental property management used to be the best way to go for both property owners and vacationers due to convenience and selection. But now the trend is turning. Both sides are finding that by doing a little research or building their own online promotion tools, they can eliminate the middle man and either rent cheaper or make more as the owner. 
  • Non-traditional Rentals - One of the fastest-growing trends in vacation rentals is the popularity of non-traditional properties. Everything from barns to tree houses and boathouses to tepees have been made for adventurous travelers to experience. This new concept has allowed many more property owners to get into the rental market as they can successfully build a treehouse or barn even if they aren't located oceanfront. 
  • Pet Friendly - Since most vacations include the whole family, more and more people are including all members of the family, including pets. This along with rising costs for pet boarding has led many vacationers to actually use a pet-friendly filter when searching for vacation rentals. This has caused the expected dynamic shift within the industry to making more properties with welcome mats for the four-legged friends. 

As long as weary people continue to need vacation other innovative people will find new and exciting ways to help them spend that time, and the vacation rental industry will continue to flourish. Companies like LAKE MEGUNTICOOK Vacation Rental offer relaxing, enjoyable accommodations for those who need a getaway.