Three Places To Park Your Tiny House

With tiny houses becoming more popular as a way to live simply, it's becoming easier to design and build your own living space. One question that still remains is where to park the home. Here are three options to consider. 

Buy a Small Lot

If you have some extra cash in your budget, you may consider buying a small lot. This way, you'll have a tangible asset to your name in case you need to sell the property and home. One drawback of buying a lot is that it can be hard to find property in some areas. Where housing is at a premium, lots can be cost-prohibitive and you may have to buy on the outskirts of town. 

Rent Someone's Backyard

It may be possible for you to pay someone to park your tiny home in their backyard. This can be an economical way to go, since you can move at any time and you only need to pay for the space you use. 

Before considering this option, check the laws in your state and city. Some cities allow you to legally have this setup; they consider a tiny home or mobile home to be an accessory dwelling unit to the main home. There are still some restrictions on this arrangement, such as regulations on the size of your accessory unit. 

Park in an RV Campground

Using an RV park, such as Beach RV Park, to set up your tiny home is popular for a number of reasons. First, it provides you with some flexibility, since you only pay for the time you spend there. If you need to leave, you are able to do so without retaining a large financial commitment. You also have the benefit of being around other neighbors with the same minimalist mindset. Finally, living in an RV park is the safest way to go if you don't want to be asked to move from another property, either by officials or by neighbors. This depends on the climate of your chosen neighborhood, but you might expect to get a few odd glances outside of a campground.

No matter which way you go, it's no secret that living in a tiny house will take some adjusting to. Be sure to talk with other people who have made the switch— they may be able to point you to some resources for getting set up and finding a great place to park your new home.