Booking A 5 Star Hotel Room At A 3 Star Rate

When booking a hotel room for your next vacation, you may think that booking a room at the best hotel in town is simply out of your budget. While you may be right when paying retail price for this room, there really is no reason to pay retail when there are so many ways to save on the accommodations that you need. The money saving tips below can help you to accomplish this goal so that you can enjoy your next vacation in the lap of luxury without blowing your budget in the process.

Remember, All They Can Say Is "NO"

Hotel managers are typically given the discretion to negotiate when it comes to the price of their rooms. This allows them to do what it takes to keep the hotel full to capacity as often as possible, and to ensure their guests are satisfied so that they ultimately return again in the future. Learning to use this fact to your advantage can help you to save a small fortune on your next hotel room.

When attempting to negotiate a lower price on a high quality hotel room, remember that managers will be more likely to negotiate during slow periods when the hotel has multiple empty rooms. You will also want to consider the time of day you choose to contact the hotel. If you call early in the morning, the manager may decline your initial offer because they still have several hours to try and sell the rooms at full price. Most importantly, remember that the worst they can say is, "no". Consequently, there truly is not reason to be afraid of the negotiation process.

Apply The Laws Of Supply And Demand

Typically, the greater the demand is for a particular product or service, the more service providers can charge for this commodity. Applying this law of supply and demand to your search for an affordable hotel room will allow you to easily book a 5 star hotel room at a 3 star price.

During busy travel seasons, hotel managers will have no problem selling out on a daily basis. As a result, they will often raise their rates to reflect the current demand for their services. During slow travel times, the exact opposite will typically happen. Choosing to plan your vacation during a slow time of year will allow you to take advantage of the significant discounts that many hotels offer just to get people in the door.

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