Planning To Have A Conference In A Hotel? 4 Things You Should Look For

If you are planning to have a conference in a hotel in your area, make sure you take the time to find the best one. Some hotels like Clarion Hotel - Seattle International Airport can offer great resources for their guests that are having a type of business conference to make it much better. Below are four things you should look for in your search.

Have Enough Space

One of the main things you should look for in the hotel is having enough space for your meeting. Some hotels offer a suite that consists of studios that will fit a lot of business attendees. The suite should have things like work space areas, natural light, wireless access, and some office supplies. Having a suite that has a great view from their window is also a plus. Have food and beverage on hand at all times is also beneficial.

Provide Lunch and Dinner

Offering lunch and dinner to the attendees should be a given, but there are some hotels that go way beyond this.  They may have a buffet set up that they always keep stocked. They could offer something like a taco bar so they can create their own tacos, and more. Offering different types of snacks is also a benefit. For example, they may have ice cream, smoothies, and yogurt.

Have the Right Technology

Technology plays a big part in any conference. Finding a hotel that offers an app that allows the attendees to request things like food, coffee, and even room temperature change. This is beneficial because they would not have to leave the meeting or their room. As stated above, wireless access should come as a standard, along with enough places to charge their devices. You may need to use video technology to have attendees from across the world attend your meeting. Finding a hotel that offers all the equipment you need and to set everything up for you in these video conferences is a big benefit.

Offer Activities

If you are holding the conference for more than one day, find a hotel that offers activities the attendees can do. For example, there should be a pool and a hot tub they can relax in. They may have a gym, spa treatments, and more. Give them all a list of local activities and sights they may enjoy on their time off.

Besides having a great conference, you should think about how you are going to get the attendees there. In some cases, they will pay for this on their own. If it is in your budget, however, this is something you may want to offer.