Three Reasons To Buy A Vacation Home In Ecuador

As you are looking for someplace new to buy a vacation home, one of the best values you can find is a home in an emerging economy. One of the best places you can consider is Ecuador. Not only will it be a beautiful place for you to relax when you are on vacation, but it also has a lot of potential to become a wonderful opportunity for you to generate additional income by renting it out as a timeshare, either through a timeshare company or through an internet lodging company. Here are three reasons why you should buy your next vacation home in Ecuador.

Ecuador is much more affordable

With the dollar strengthening against most world currencies, it is even more affordable to buy a home and vacation in Ecuador. This is especially beneficial for tourism purposes. Because of the combination of low prices and incredible vistas, your initial investment could pay for itself multiple times over the course of your ownership.

Ecuador is beautiful

Due to its position in the world, Ecuador has some incredible tourism opportunities. Some of these great itineraries include

  • Ecotourism opportunities. You or your renters could take a short trip to the Galapagos Islands and see the incredible things that inspired Charles Darwin to pen On the Origin of Species.
  • High adventure tourism. Ecuador has an astonishing breadth of tourism opportunities, including the world's highest volcano, incredible rain forests, and some of the headwaters of the Amazon river.
  • Relaxation opportunities. The beaches in Ecuador are beautiful and warm year-round. This allows travelers from both Northern and Southern Hemispheres to enjoy your property regardless of the time of year.
  • Ancient ruins. While Machu Picchu is the best known Incan ruin, there are many ruins throughout the Andes Mountains like Ingapirca that are beautiful and valuable world treasures. 

Ecuador is connected

While some locations are difficult to get to, Ecuador has many flights from major US airports like New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Chicago. Additionally, it is well positioned for travel from other countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. As a result, you are never too far away for a quick weekend trip. Additionally, you are never too far away from folks who can help to subsidize the overall cost of your new home.

Ecuador is an amazing place to visit, and an even better place to buy a home in. Once you make your first trip, you will want to return again and bring your friends. Keep an eye out for Ecuador real estate listings.