3 Unique Hotel Pictures To Take Near The Hollywood Sign

One of the most iconic landmarks in California is the Hollywood sign. Not only can you take trips to see the iconic sign, but the hotel you stay in may offer rooms with a direct view of the sign. When you book hotels near the Hollywood sign, take advantage of your stay and learn how to capture some unique photos.

Check out three unique photos to take to capture views of the Hollywood sign and bring back some memories of your trip to the area. 

1. Breakfast on the Balcony

Hollywood sign hotels often feature rooms with balconies. A private balcony offers you a chance to sit outside, relax, and enjoy clear views of the Hollywood sign. One of the best times to take pictures is in the early morning hours. As the sun rises, you will see soft sunlight on the Hollywood sign and can capture clear pictures with overexposure.

Pose for casual shots as you sip coffee, relax in a bathrobe, or order some room service for breakfast. The morning shots can truly show vacation relaxation and add some unique elements to your photos. When you wake up early to take the photos, you can go right back to your room and sleep if you want.

2. Rooftop Pool Pictures

If a Hollywood hotel features an outdoor pool, you will typically find the pool on the roof of the building. When angled correctly, you can capture a unique picture of yourself in the water with the Hollywood sign in the background. Ideally, you will want to do this a little bit before dusk when the sun does not shine as brightly.

If you time it right, you will not squint in the photos and the sunshine will not create major reflections on the water. Also, if the hotel is close enough, you could capture views of the Hollywood sign as a direct reflection on the water. Showcase the Hollywood lifestyle as you pose in the pool with the large prop in the background.

3. Hollywood Pose Silhouette

If your hotel room has a large window or sliding glass doors, then you can capture pictures with the Hollywood sign in the background. In many cases, the pictures will appear backlit and the person in the picture will appear as a silhouette. Take advantage of the unique lighting with a Hollywood pose photo.

Have a person pose like a celebrity and then capture the shadowy pose with the Hollywood sign in the background. Play around with different poses and adjust the lighting in the room to make the silhouette appear darker.

The pictures you capture will create memories for years to come. Browse online to find the best hotels with views of the Hollywood sign.

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