Five Advantages Of Booking A Hotel For A Night Near Your Ship Island Excursions

If you are planning an excursion to Ship Island, one of the best things you can do is book a nearby hotel. While there are no hotels on Ship Island itself, there are many hotels near the mainland that you can book for after your excursion. 

There are numerous advantages to having a hotel nearby where you can crash after you've finished exploring Ship Island. The following are five advantages of booking a hotel for a night near your Ship Island excursion. 

You get to experience Ship Island later at night

Without a nearby hotel where you can stay at night, you might need to drive for a while to get home after your excursion to Ship Island. This might mean that you have to take an earlier ferry and won't have as much time to explore the island.

Booking a nearby hotel can give you more time to explore all of the attractions on Ship Island. It also means that you can see what the island is like later in the evening. 

You'll get a good night's rest after a busy day of exploring

Many of the attractions of Ship Island, such as hiking and swimming, can be tiring. This could leave you and your traveling companions pretty exhausted by the time you get back to the mainland after your excursion.

There's nothing better than lying down for a good night's rest when you're tired. You'll be much more comfortable during and after your excursion if you know you have a hotel where you can rest afterward. 

You don't have to drive home tired

It's not a good idea to go for a long drive and get home when you're tired after exploring Ship Island. Driving when you're sleepy is dangerous. It's safer to book a hotel near Ship Island so that you can sleep before driving home. 

You can take advantage of hotel amenities

A lot of hotels near Ship Island offer attractive amenities such as swimming pools. By staying in a hotel after your Ship Island excursion, you can extend your vacation and take advantage of luxurious hotel amenities for a night. 

You can enjoy a dinner featuring local foods

The Gulf Coast offers some delicious seafood. If you spend a night at a nearby hotel, you can stay at a place near a restaurant. This way, you can enjoy the local cuisine and sample some of the Gulf Coast's exceptionally fresh seafood. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for hotels near Ship Island excursions, such as The Inn at Long Beach.