Should You Hold Your Small Wedding At A Vacation Rental?

Do you want a unique, beautiful, and affordable venue for your small wedding? Then consider the benefits of using a vacation rental home as your base. Here's what you need to know about this nontraditional but effective wedding choice. 

Can You Hold a Wedding In a Rental?

You may or may not be allowed to host a wedding at your vacation rental, depending on individual hosts' policies. Any couple considering this should look for amenable listings and speak with the host about their idea. Many hosts are happy to allow small group activities and may even want to use it for advertising. Of course, your wedding must be kept small and under control to qualify.

What Are the Benefits?

Vacation rental weddings can be a big money saver because the cost of your venue is already baked into the cost of your overnight stay. A home with a cute backyard or an excellent view at sunset provides the perfect backdrop and a space for the reception or dinner. You get a full kitchen and plenty of rooms for everyone to get ready. Your party might also use a nearby restaurant or community room for dinner. 

Many couples look for a home large enough to host their close family or friends for the weekend. You can spend as much time as you want with your loved ones — both before and after the actual wedding. And your guests get to spend some downtime too. 

Finally, your wedding will be a unique affair that you and your guests will remember forever. This unexpected venue opens up fun new opportunities for creativity and a personalized experience in ways that traditional venues can't match. 

What Challenges May You Face?

Of course, no wedding plan comes without some inherent challenges. You may need to convince the host that your wedding can be respectful of their property and that overdrinking won't occur. In addition, every couple (and possibly the host) should check with their insurance coverage to make sure they don't need additional protection against liability for the party. 

And, like any backyard wedding, you'll need to provide party supplies separately. This may include tables, chairs, decorations, dishware, food, beverages, lighting, and even outdoor heating. If the weather may be questionable, a smart couple would look for a rental that has both indoor and outdoor spaces suitable for their nuptials. 

Where Should You Start?

If you think that a vacation rental wedding could be the perfect way to start your married life, begin by touring rental homes in your destination area. Both you and your host may find that this idea is something that takes your rental experience to the next level. 

For additional help finding a vacation rental, contact a wedding planner or travel agency.