5 Tips For Theme Park Fun In The Covid-19 World

Are you headed to theme parks like Universal Studios for a little well-deserved summer fun? The good news is that even with Covid-19 concerns, you can still have a safe and fun theme park experience. How? Here are a few tips for having a great time as a family.

1. Talk With Your Hotel. Your faith in your Universal Studios hotel will be key to enjoying your stay as a parent. Take the time to talk with them about their enhanced cleaning and social distancing procedures in the wake of the coronavirus. Ask questions that address your particular concerns, such as room sanitization or use of the pool. The more you know about what's being done to keep your family safe in their temporary housing, the more relaxed you can be. 

2. Avoid Crowds. This is the perfect time to take advantage of great deals on hotels that are a little off the beaten track. Why? Simply put, the fewer people in lounges and on shuttles, the better. And as a bonus, you can often get great prices on less popular lodging choices. 

3. Use Contactless Choices. Theme parks, like many other businesses are rolling out many virtual and contactless options to reduce risk. Take advantage of these whenever possible. At Universal Studios, for instance, you can download the Official Universal Orlando Resort App to use mobile ordering as well as virtual line options. Both reduce potential exposure in lines and allow your family have even more time for fun. 

4. Make Precautions a Game. Do you need to wear face masks in and around the park? Make it a game. Get themed masks ahead of time and make them a part of your adventure. Or put a themed mask on your kids' toys and dolls bought in the park. Need to sanitize the little ones' hands after rides or meals? Kids often think of such measures as a fun game and are eager to participate if parents approach it with a festive attitude. In short, embrace the additional procedures not as an obstacle but as a new game. 

5. Stay Outside. Experts generally agree that you're safer outside in the breeze and socially distant than indoors. So do your best to keep the family outside whenever possible. Opt for outdoor dining options and show the kids the sights while you eat. Look for outdoor lines and rides, using virtual queues to minimize time in indoor rides. And in the evening, party in the outdoor spaces of your hotel. 

If you integrate more outside time, virtual experiences, and smart hotel stays, your trip to Universal Studios, Disneyland, or any other theme park will be fun and healthy. And you'll treasure these special days with your kids.