Five Good Reasons To Consider A Cabin Rental Instead Of A Hotel

With the cost of a family vacation rising steadily, finding ways to save money while still creating a memorable and enjoyable week away from home can be a challenge. One way to save on both accommodations and meals is to rent a cabin instead of a hotel room. However, saving money isn't the only advantage of choosing a cabin.

Benefits of renting a cabin instead of a hotel

1. You'll have more space. Although cabins come in all shapes and sizes, they generally offer more space than a typical hotel room. Most offer separate living and bedroom areas, which can be especially helpful if your family includes small children who need to go to bed early. With a cabin rental, the entire family doesn't have to retire when the kids go to bed, and teens will have space away from their parents.

2. You can save money on meals. Most cabins offer some kind of kitchen, which can help you save money on meals. While eating out is part of the fun of vacation, with a cabin rental you can pick and choose the meals you eat in restaurants. You don't have to spend a fortune just to feed the family breakfast or have an afternoon snack.

3. The price is often less. Cabins can even be less expensive than traditional hotel rooms, especially if you would need more than one hotel room to house your family. What's more, most cabins offer free parking, a guest laundry and other money-saving facilities.

4. You'll have a private entrance. Cabins have their own private entrances, as opposed to many hotels where you have to walk through a formal lobby to get to your room. Not only can you get inside your room more quickly with a cabin, a plus if you have tired children, but you don't have to worry about being dressed inappropriately after a day at the beach or hiking in the woods.

5. Most cabins offer scenic views. Cabins tend to be located in scenic areas, such as in the woods or by a lake. Most offer scenic views at no extra cost, as opposed to the parking lot or highway views you often get with traditional hotel rooms.

While a cabin rental isn't the right choice for every family, this type of accommodation is worth considering. Cabins offer privacy, scenic views, and an opportunity to save on meals. They may even cost less than a similar hotel. For more information, contact a local cabin rental company, like Red River Gorge Cabin Rentals